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Ryan just laid on the floor. Bleeding. He wanted to be with Felix and Stephano again. He waited. Letting the pain slowly make him fall asleep. His eyes became heavy. His life flashed before him at a fast pace. It stopped at one last memory. The picture. His smile slowly covered his face. Then his breathing stopped.

Years past after he died. A new Ryan was born about sixteen years after he died. On the new Ryan's 21st birthday he remembered a password to a old account. ChatonicMonki. He went on youtube and logged in. "Why do I remember this but not at the same time?" He questioned as he looked at the videos. He clicked on the last one and saw himself looking back. "Hey friends..." The man said as he looked down, "I am Cry." Ryan shivered. "You may know that I married a man named Felix about a few years.....ago." Ryan was confused. 'Felix?' He thought, 'Where have I heard that before?' He watched all the way to the end. Ryan was curious of the "Felix." He typed in Felix Kjellberg in Google and the man popped up making Ryan shiver. "I-I seen him before...but where?" he mumbled and got up from his computer just to think of what happened to the man in the video.

After lunch he went back on and typed in his name 'Ryan.' All these Cryaotic fan art of him and his mascot came up. "What the?" He said as he scrolled. Then a picture of him showed. It was titled 'CRY IS BACK!' It was him in a store. "I WAS THERE YESTERDAY!" He shouted. Him shouting made people, at the time, outside his house look. He sat down in shock. 'Who was this cry person? Why is called Cry?' he thought as he looked at his computer. His phone started to ring.

"Hello?" He said after answering. "Hey." It was his friend in sweden. Pewds. "Oh hey Pewds." He replied, "I got a question." "Yeah? What is it?" Pewds asked. "Who is this Felix person?" Ryan asked with some curiosity. "Thats me Ryan." Felix answered. It was silent. "And this Cry person?" He asked. "I don't should adopt the name after all. You are called cry here you know that right?" Felix questioned.

"No." Ryan mumbled, "I might as well. Besides I remembered a password to a account called ChatonicMonki and it is not mine." Felix was quiet for a while then said, "I think that account belonged to a Ryan that killed himself because his 'husband' and 'son' both died and he could not take the pain of their deaths." Ryan nodded. "I no one owns it then?" He asked with some wondering circling in his mind. "Yup." Felix said with some confidence.

They both finished the conversation and hung up. 'Cry huh?' Ryan thought, 'might as well take it.' Later that night he posted a video saying that he was the new owner of the account but before he did so he went snooping in the attic. He found a box called 'Cry Stuff' in his hand writing. "In my writing?" he asked as he tilted his head. He opened the box it was fell of Cry stuff. The first thing he reach for was the mask. Tears came to his eyes as he looked at the slightly faded mask.

He smiled as he painted the face back on and put a gloss onto is. "There!" He shouted with pride, "Good as new!" Ryan hugged it the noticed the band on the back was broken. "Fuck." He set the mask down and looked in the box and saw a black band package. Still new. "OH COOL!" He tore it open and took out a band. After replacing the band he tried it on. It was perfect. He took it off after he saw a shirt that he recognized. "Hey I remember you." He said as he picked it up. It was a pacman shirt.

After raiding the box there was stuff folded, restored and washed. Cry plushes and shirts. The plushes squeeked when he moved them. "Heh cute." he said while smiling. When he looked again at the shirts he found a PewDiePie shirt. He picked it up and got a headache. Something was trying to get out. His memory of how he got it was foggy but when he tried to remember how he got it. It just made the headache worse. It got so bad he passed out.

To be continued
this took a while but hey i got it done...why did it take a while? breaks my friend...breaks



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i didn;t get this chapter….
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just to say, Cry's account is ChaoticMonki, not ChatonicMonki
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I'm still crying from the last story ;_;
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*hugs back* so sad
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