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October 4, 2012
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A few months have past since Ryan and Felix started dating. Ryan woke with a feeling like something was missing. What was it? He sat up in bed next to his new boyfriend, Felix, and thought that he might have forgoten one thing but he was not sure what. HIS GIRLFRIEND! He remembered he forgot to tell his girlfriend they where done and he was moving to Sweden. His phone went off making him scramble. He answered. "H-" He cleared his throat to get rid of the sleepiness, "Hello?" It was his girlfriend. Crap.

He explained everything and came right out and said he was gay. Pretty gutsy for a shy guy. He hung up and watched Felix sleep. It was like watching a kitten nap. So innocent and harmless. Then he noticed he had to sneeze so bad that he couldn't hold it back. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHCHO!" The loud sneeze woke Felix. It startled Felix so bad he jumped and fell out of the bed. "Owwww" Felix groaned out of the pain. "Sorry friend I couldn't hold it back." Ryan pointed out as he helped Felix back onto the bed. Felix nodded and said it was ok. Ryan sighed out of relief.

They had plans to go out and see a movie later that night. Ryan made a couple videos and so did Felix. Afterwards they went to see a movie. It was titled in Swedish so Ryan did not know what it had said. It turned out to be a crappy romance film. Yuck. You know twilight? Yeah, it was better than twilight but worse than all the other romance films. They ate dinner and all that stuff. Ryan had a strange feeling. Like something was going to happen that night because Felix does not do this unless its something important. Ryan was right.

They went to a park when the moon was full. Fireflies where out and about. One of them landed on Ryan's nose. They laughed about it as it flew away. The laughter died down a bit. Then it became quiet. All they could hear was crickets making chirping sounds. Felix finally asked "Beautiful night huh?" "Yeah." Ryan replied while looking at the moon. Felix was shaking a bit. Ryan knew he wanted to say something but not sure what. "It was so awkward doing this." Felix said with his voice all shaky. "Awkward doing what?" Ryan asked as he looked at Felix. "This," Felix got on one knee and Ryan knew it all to well, he had done this to a couple of girlfriends but they turned him down, "R-Ryan? w-will..." Ryan cut him off with "Yes!" Felix's eyes lit up. "R-really?" Ryan nodded.

Felix was so happy he had to tell the bros. One problem. They did not know he was dating cry. So in the video he said everything. All the way from the beginning to today in one video. 45 minutes total. Ooo boy did he talk fast. He had to put subtitles so people knew what he was saying. They planned the wedding to be private and quick so no one could bother them. It would be on December 10th, 2015.

They decided where to go on the honeymoon. Florida. Ryan missed his hometown. After everything was planned they went to bed at midnight. Said Goodnight to each other and fell asleep with big smiles. When they would wake again they where engaged. It was a beautiful night indeed.

XD I had so much fun with this...anyways I am having a picture made for this and i was told it would take a couple days so yeah ^^ Tomorrow the next one will be up

Pewdie: :iconpewdie:

Cry: :iconcryaotic:

Image made by: :icontorakodragon:

part 4:[link]
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AskCats01 4 days ago  New member Hobbyist General Artist
*Speechless* I Never Ever have read a fanfic like this… its really amazing Prince Hans gasp Exited OMG ONOZ Emoticon OMG ONOZ Emoticon OMG ONOZ Emoticon OMB 2 
ilovekittens75 Jun 23, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Foxxyvillain Jun 23, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
good to know :3
ilovekittens75 Jun 24, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
it really is :3
*fan girl scream* OMG OMG!! So good!!
Foxxyvillain Oct 4, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
glad to hear it ^^
Can't wait for more ^^
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